About iMedia Online Retail Summit

The e-commerce market is expected to be 2.5% of India’s GDP by 2030, reaching USD 300 billion. As India moves towards becoming a consumption driven economy, e-commerce presents a very large and transformative opportunity. Consumers are demanding a seamless online shopping experience, and the industry is moving swiftly to ensure the infrastructure is in place to meet the increasing demand. Retailers are adapting fast and implementing robust ecommerce strategies, with stunning returns. But it’s not enough to simply create an ecommerce site and wait for the sales to come rolling in. Retailers need to be on top of the latest technologies and understand how they can affect the bottom line. They need to be aware of the latest trends and uncover which are relevant for their business. They need to develop relationships with partners who can help them keep ahead of the pack.

That’s where the iMedia Online Retail Summit comes into its own. An invite-only event designed “by online retail executives for online retail executives”, it brings together the sharpest minds in the industry to learn, share ideas, network, build lasting relationships and meet potential partners. It is a collaborative event focused on helping retailers formulate and implement their ecommerce strategy and drive India’s the online retail industry forward.